Common Repairs on the IBM Selectric Typewriter

Since the IBM Selectric line is over 50 years old, the repairs we often seen today on these machines are quite different than they were when Selectrics were used in every office across the country.  

Common Repairs on the IBM Selectric

Remove Old Dirt, Grime and Lubricant

Today, many IBM Selectrics haven't been serviced in a very long time.  What does that mean?  It means that the machine hasn't been cleaned in decades which is problematic for a Selectric.  Additionally, old lubricants harden over time which greatly impacts the Selectric's print shaft and operational shaft.  Before you know it, the machine becomes sluggish or won't power on at all.

Replace Worn and Broken Parts

It's not unusual for an IBM Selectric to need some parts replaced.  The tab chord pulley bracket often fails and will cause only kinds of issues with the carrier return.  The cycle clutch pulley is another item that often needs replaced due to issues with the nylon cracking around the metal arbor.  Since the drive belt runs on this pulley, a large enough crack will render the machine inoperable.  The good news is that these can be repaired and new ones can be ordered.  The bad news is that this repair is one of the most difficult that can be done on the Selectric.

Whatever problems you may have with your IBM Selectric, we can get it repaired for you.  Please contact us at Ed's Office Machines at 859-221-3547.  We serve the Lexington, Kentucky area.