How Do I Care for My IBM Selectric Typewriter?

IBM Selectric typewriters are very durable machines.  However, it's best to give them good care.  Here are a few tips on how to care for your IBM Selectric.

Tips for Caring for an IBM Selectric

Keep your IBM Selectric covered when not in use.  The number one enemy of an IBM Selectric is dust and dirt.  Over time, dust causes all kinds of problems inside the mechanics of an IBM Selectric typewriter.  Keep it covered by a typewriter cover.  Those are easily obtained today on eBay.

Keep your IBM Selectric serviced.  Selectric typewriters aren't like old type bar machines that would work after being pulled out of storage for decades.  Selectrics require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in tip top condition.  They require old lubricant and grease to be removed and replaced with new lubricant on a regular basis.  Yearly is best but you may be able to get by with every other year.  I'm happy to service your Selectric whenever it's needed.

Keep your IBM Selectric free from debris.  Stray office supplies can cause problems inside a Selectric.  Whether it's a paper clip, thumb tack, or something else, they can all do damage if they get inside the machine.

Contact a professional when your Selectric typewriter needs repair.  The Selectric isn't a typewriter that most people should attempt to repair.  They are highly complex and require a professionally trained technician to get them working well.

If you need repair for your Selectric, please contact me.  I'd be happy to help.